I’ve always enjoyed a good meal. I mean, who hasn’t? Over the years my love for cooking and grilling advanced to a love for slow smoking meats. After trading the family tent in for a real camper we decided on a seasonal site, which made it much easier with my arsenal of different smokers. Grilling dinner on the weekends turned into smoking every meal every weekend at camp. In no time my obsession was out of control! Eventually my campsite turned into a smoke shack where I was slow smoking foods pretty much daily and just about all weekend long. After feeding friends and family and any other camper that was intrigued by the smells filling the air at camp, I was convinced to take it to the next level.

“Ya know, you’d make a good butcher someday”

Then after recently losing my father, I remembered a time that my father had said to me “ya know, you’d make a good butcher someday”. I’m not even sure what I was doing at the time at 15 years old or why I remembered that conversation so vividly but maybe it was for this moment. It made me think- “what better time than now to start living life and making people happy every day?” I really truly love seeing people’s reactions after they’ve tasted the food that I put my time and energy and creativity into. My decision to open a butcher and smoked foods business was a combination of my love of cooking, my Fathers encouragement (from beyond the grave) and seeing that there was nothing like this in the area. I’ve lived in Somersworth for over 28 years and have been wanting something to happen a little different then what’s current in the area. Well, what a better time than now! This is how Wicked Meats came to life! So, come on by and meet my team and enjoy some ‘Smokey eats’ and have a “Wicked Good” experience!

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